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How do I receive the latest news from The Edublogger?

There are two ways to get the latest posts, which include the challenge activities, automatically delivered to you.

  1. Email notification
  2. Subscribe in a Reader

Email Notification

The first and the easiest is to sign up for email notification.

If you look in the right sidebar you will see a box that says ‘Enter your email address’.

Simply enter your email address, a pop-up box will appear and you just need to enter the anti-spam word and then click on “Complete Subscription Request.”

You’ll receive an email asking you to activate your subscription, click on the link to activate your email notification.

Now you’ll receive an email notifying you when new posts or information are added to this blog.

Subscribing by email

Subscribe in a Reader

The better way if you want to follow a number of different sites is to subscribe in a Reader rather than be updated by email.

Most blogs and news sites now use RSS to notify readers of new content. Sites that do provide updates using RSS will have one or more of the icons you see on the right.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s simply a way for new information to come to you whenever it’s put online. You don’t need to worry about what it means–just learn how to use it.

If you already use a Reader (like Google Reader, Bloglines or NetVibes) either:

  • Copy and paste the URL of  Teacher Challenge blog into your Reader
  • Or in the right side menu,  click on the link for Subscribe by Feed Reader.

Or, if you aren’t using a Feed Reader I suggest you try Google Reader.

And don’t forget we love comments

Leaving a comment is as simple as this…

1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on or the “comment” link at the top or at the bottom of the post.
2. Scroll down until you can see the “Leave a Comment” section
3. You will be asked for your name (you can use a nickname) and email address (this is not published)
4. You will also need to write the “spam word”
5. Click “submit comment”

Stay tuned for more information about these exciting new (and free!) challenges.


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