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The Edublogger has been set up by Edublogs — “the largest education community on the Internet” where you can sign up for a free WordPress-powered blog — and is dedicated to helping educational bloggers with emerging technologies in education, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

It’s purpose is to share tips, tricks, ideas and provide help to the educational blogging community.

About The Editor of This Blog

Sue WatersMy name is Sue Waters and I’m Australian based in Perth, married with two kids.

While my work as an aquaculture lecturer earned me the coolest job title my passion is the use of technology to enhance student learning.

My technology use has changed considerably since I was first introduced to it’s potential in 2000; from a LMS (WebCT) to Virtual Classrooms (Elluminate), mobile technologies (spyglasses, PDAs, iPods) and Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis etc).

This passion has lead to my transition from aquaculture lecturer, to facilitating professional development workshops on elearning and web 2.0 technologies to my current role working for Edublogs as Edublogs Support Manager.

My personal blog is also well known and as a blogger I stands for — practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS learn how to use these technologies.

Contributing Writer – Meet Ronnie Burt

pyramidsThe other important member of The Edublogger writing team is Ronnie Burt.

Ronnie, based in Texas, is married with a lovely dog and a demanding cat 8-)

He’s the man behind most of our newsletters, posts, tweets, and facebook fan page and works to improve the educational experience of Edublogs.

Prior to joining the Edublogs team, he used Edublogs in the classroom as a teacher where he has taught at the secondary and undergraduate levels.

Ronnie travels as much as he can, has lived in Mexico and Spain, and is a longhorn football obsessed native of the great state of Texas.

You’ll also find him writing on the Edublogs News Blog.

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